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Sales Force Automation application > Workspace > Accounts

Accounts are qualified customers - organizations or companies you want to track. You can create accounts by importing company information, adding new accounts individually, or converting Prospects into Accounts. You can use the sales opportunities for business planning purposes.

The Accounts tab enables you to manage your accounts by creating account lists, adding new accounts, merging accounts, and editing existing accounts. From the Accounts page, you can access the details page for individual account records, and view related information including contacts, opportunities, notes, attachments, appointments, and tasks. You can also send email and log calls from the account detail page.


Add Account

  1. Click the [New Record] button in the Accounts tab
  2. Complete each of the fields on the New Accounts page and click the [Save] button to save your changes; The detail page for that account opens, enabling you to:

Edit Account Information

To edit account information:

  1. Click the Quick Edit button next to the account name
  2. Update the fields as necessary in the Quick Edit window
  3. Click the Save button


  1. Click the account name in the Accounts tab
  2. Click the Edit button in the Accounts detail page
  3. Update the information as necessary, and save your changes

Convert a Prospect to an Account

Making the Conversion

  1. Click the Prospects tab
  2. Open the Prospect of interest and click the [Convert to Account] button
  3. Choose from the following Conversion Options:
    • Create a new account, or Merge the Prospect into an existing account

Firing a Data Policy when the Prospect is Converted

In general, to take automated actions when a new record is created, you create a Data Policy on that object that is triggered to fire when a new record is added to that object.

A Prospect conversion is something different, however. A Data Policy that is triggered to fire when a new Account is added does not fire when a Prospect is converted.

Instead, to perform an automated action when a Prospect is converted:

  1. Open the Prospect object.
  2. Create a data policy.
  3. Choose the special triggering action: Convert to Account

Delete Account

To delete an account, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Accounts object
  2. Click the checkbox next to the record of the account you want to delete
  3. Click the [More Actions] button, and choose Delete from the menu
  4. Verify that the selected records contains the list of records to delete
  5. Click the [Delete] button to delete the records

The account and all related information is deleted from the database.

Note: see Recycle Bin for more details on deleted records.

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