Admin Terminology

Admin Terminology

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Admin Terminology
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Here's a hierarchy of administrative terminology to help keep things straight:

Someone who installs and maintains the constellation of servers that constitutes the platform.
A host for applications and related services. Like an office building, it is a place where one or more organizations are tenants.
ISV Admin
An admin who has the privileges needed to Manage Tenant Capabilities.
An organization (typically a company or company division) that has, in essence, a virtual platform--an independent space, completely decoupled from other tenants.
System Admin
An system admin who can modify settings for a tenant's users and roles, along with other aspects of the tenant's system.
Users are members of one or more teams. Team members have specific roles within each team.

This template provides the reader with basic terminology and relationships among them (in reality, an Ontology).
{{:Admin Terminology}}

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