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Application Designer

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Application Designer
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Design Elements

Objects Store data, define behaviors.
Inheritance Share common object behaviors and attributes.
Indexes Speed up record access. Ensure uniqueness.
Record Locators Help users identify records they're searching for.
Reports Summarize data in platform objects.
Charts Pie charts, bar charts, graphs.
Database Views Advanced reports using database queries and joins.
SQL Browser Do SQL Language queries on your platform data.
Forms How records are viewed and added.
Views Tables of records and other displays.
Dashboards Custom overview using a variety of Widgets.
Print Templates Formatted output: HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint.
Web Tabs The tabs a user sees in the application.
Sidebars The user's navigation pane.
Web Forms Send data from a remote site.
  Rules and Processes
Workflows Automate processes.
Data Policies Take action on events.
Validations Check incoming data.
Actions Buttons the user can press.
Sites Access for customers and external users.
Pages Custom JSP pages.
Static Resources Upload CSS and Javascript files.
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Resources for the System Developer

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