Field Audit Log Settings

Field Audit Log Settings

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Field Audit Log Settings (Redirected from Audited Fields)
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Designer > Objects > {object} > [Field Audit Log Settings]

When the Field Audit Log option is enabled, any changes to the selected fields are logged in the Related Information section of the object.

When a field is modified, a new row containing the following information is added to the log:

  • Original field value
  • New field value
  • User name
  • Date and Time Modified
Note: Date Created is not logged


Users that have the Customize Objects permission can set the Field Audit Log 


Users that have the Manage Audit Log permission can view the Audit Log 

Enable the Field Audit Log

  1. Click Designer > Objects > {object}
  2. Click the [Field Audit Log Settings] button
  3. Click Enable Field Audit Log
    The list of object fields appears.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the field(s) that should be audited; Choose up to 20 fields per object
  5. Click [Save]

Set Field Audit Log to be Visible in Related Information

By default, the Field Audit Log is Hidden in the Form. To make it appear:

  1. Navigate to the object of interest in Forms
  2. Click the Display Settings link
  3. Move the Field Audit Log object to the Visible column and Save your changes
  • To select multiple elements from a list that are not adjacent, press and hold the CTRL key and click each element individually (CTRL-click)
  • To select a series of adjacent elements, click an element at the beginning of a series, press and hold the SHIFT key, then click the last element in the series (SHIFT-click)
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