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Calendar Category

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Calendar Category
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The default calendar is named My Calendar, which is associated with the User that is logged in.

  • Additional calendars can be created
  • These calendars are displayed in the Calendar Categories section on the Calendar page
  • A maximum of 10 additional calendar categories can be created
  • A calendar can be published to the web when the Allow Web Publishing option is enabled
  • In Reports based on Tasks and Appointments, the Calendar Category is available as a field

Adding a Calendar Category

To add a Calendar Category:

  1. Open a Calendar
  2. In the Calendar Categories section, click the New Calendar link
  3. In the Calendar Information section, complete the following information:
    Calendar Name
    Name of the calendar
    Allow Web Publishing
    When checked, this calendar can be made public and formatted for publishing to a web page
  4. In the Visibility Control and Sharing section, complete the following information:
    1. Select a Share With option for which you'll specify permissions:
      Share with all Users, Teams and Roles
      Share with select Users
      Share with select Teams
      Share with select Roles
    2. For each Share With candidate, specify the Access Rights:
      View Only
      View reserved time slots and meeting details
      View and Add
      View reserved time slots and meeting details. Add and modify Calendar items.
      View, add, and modify Calendar items. Modify Calendar settings.
    3. Click the [Add] button to create additional control and sharing permissions using the steps above.
    4. Click [Save]
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