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Need help? Find out about this site and how to find information quickly.


Interested in Training?

Introducing new software and processes can be challenging; our goal is to smooth the transition and help your team ease into new tools, and be productive and successful right away.

Platform Training

Help Sidebar

To find information quickly, search for the word or phrase of interest.

A list of the most common support destinations.
Organized in categories, expand sections in this list to drill down to specific articles in the support wiki
Enter a search term and choose one of these options:
  • Click [Go] to find articles with that search term in the title
  • Click [Search] to display a list of articles that contain the search term


Tip: Use whole words as search terms (administration or data management are more successful than admin or data man).

Support Site Conventions

  • To make it easier to go from the GUI to the Wiki, the Wiki tries to have a page for each section heading in the GUI. In most cases, it should be possible to search on a section heading, to find the material you're looking for.
  • From any given page, you can use "What links here" to get more information. (Links tell you where material is used, "transclusions" point to pages that provide a larger context.)
  • When you follow a link to a Wiki page, it sometimes raises the question, "Where is this section in the GUI?" To help answer that question, pages that correspond to GUI sections have a GUI path at the top. Those paths tell you what actions you take to get to that section of the GUI. The general format of a path looks like this:
Do this > Then this > And this
This sample shows the kinds of the things you might see in a GUI path:
Item > /Tab\ > _Link_ > {choice} > [Button]
  • Item - Typically an item in the navigation pane. Could also be a menu item.
  • /Tab\ - A tab you click __TBD: Not Used__
  • _Link_ - A link on the page that you click __TBD: Not Used__
  • {choice} - A selection you make or a value you enter
  • [Button] - A button you click


Note: The items marked "not used" look good when displayed in TT font, as above. They do not look as good in actual use, with a normal font.

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