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Category:Personal Setup

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Personal Setup
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Settings > Personal Setup

Use these options to set up and modify personal settings.


Personal Setup Options

My Information
Edit personal information, such as name, title, username, time zone and contact information
My Email-to-{domain}
This option appears if email handling has been enabled. Retrieve and enable the personal address you will use to send messages to.
Password Information
Change account password
Security Question
Change the Security Question associated with account login/password
Change personal information, such as email signatures, reminder and search settings
Workspace Preference
Select the visible/hidden tabs for each application
Manage Theme
Select the preferred color scheme
Outlook Sync
One-time installation of Outlook Sync provides the ability to synchronize Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar, and tasks with the platform
Outlook Email Edition
Provides the ability to add sent/received Outlook email messages to the Activity History of any object

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