Development Tenancy

Development Tenancy

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Development Tenancy
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A Development Tenancy is a tenant instance that functions solely as a development workspace--a separate sandbox in which developers can design, build, and test custom packages. Such tenancies are used to Develop in the Cloud.

Distributing a Package Created in a Development Tenancy
  • Development Tenancies do not have a Publish operation.
  • Instead, a Download Package is created to Distribute via .ZIP File.
  • Package Subscribers can then use the Install from File option to install the package.
  • The key advantage to distributing packages in this manner is that Package Subscribers gain the ability to customize and repackage the installed platform elements.
Publishing a Package Acquired from a Development Tenancy
When a tenant subscribes to a package created in a Development Tenancy:
  • The package can be republished without modification.
  • The package can be modified and then republished.
  • Package items can be used to create new packages.
In contrast, Subscribers who install packages from other sources cannot rework the package, republish it, or repackage any of the package items.

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