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Field Name

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Field Name
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Field Name is defined as the name of a field in an object, and the contents of the field is the Field Value. In a View, Field Names appear as column headings, and Field Values appear as the row content.

Field Names and Field Values are used in these areas of the platform:

To find the Field Name:

  1. Click Designer > Objects > {object}
  2. Click the Fields tab

To reference the Field Value:

Append ".value" to the Field Name fieldname, to create fieldname.value
A typical field used in accounts and contacts is "email". When referencing the field name and the field value in JavaScript, use this syntax:
fieldname = "email"
fieldname.value = ""
  • When creating a field, the field name defaults to a the field label
  • If spaces are part of the field name, the (_) underscore character is substituted for each space
  • To use a field in a Database View, include the (#) hash character (also known as the sharp or pound sign) at the end of the fieldname (name_of_field#)
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