HowTo:Search a View to Find Records

HowTo:Search a View to Find Records

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HowTo:Search a View to Find Records
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For:   Users
Level: Intermediate
Time: 5 minutes

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About Search

A search action finds all records in the platform that contain the characters or words you specify. If the specified characters appear in any field in a record, the record is displayed.


Basic Search

  1. Enter a search term (an Account Name, Contact name, etc.) in the Search field:
  2. Click the Magnifier Glass icon File:MagnifierIcon.png

Restricted Search

By default, a Search examines all records in the current object. But you can change the Search mode to:

  • Search only those records in the current view
  • Search only those records you own (My Records)


Tip: Reducing the scope of the search generally makes it run faster.

To change the Search mode:

  1. From the Search bar, click the down arrow:
  2. Select your search option:
    • Search - Normal search
    • Search within Selected View Only - Search only those records that appear in the current View.
    • Search My Records Only - Restrict the search to records you own
  3. Enter the Search text for the record(s) you want to locate
  4. Click the [Search] button.

When the search completes, the records that match your criteria are displayed, and the current view indicator changes to show that you are displaying search results:


To return to a different view, click the down arrow next to the view indicator and make a selection from the list it displays.

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