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HowTo Guides
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For Users

These guides tell you how to get the most out of the platform. You should be familiar with Navigating the User Interface.

Platform Access

Basic Operations

Customize Your Interface

Manage Your Data

Specialized Operations

For Application Designers

These guides tell you how to create and customize applications. You should be familiar with HTML coding and CSS formatting, have a basic understanding of JavaScript, and be adept at Navigating the User Interface.

Build and Customize Applications

When you create an application, much is done for you. The platform automatically constructs record views, forms for adding and updating data, and basic reports. From there, you can begin to customize the application.


These topics begin to take you into the realm of Java programming.

Customize the Application Interface

These are intermediate-level customizations.

Build Custom Web Pages

These are advanced topics.

For Platform Developers

These guides tell you how to program the platform APIs to create even more sophisticated applications. You should be familiar with one or more of Java, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, and REST.

Customize Applications

Tackle Advanced Projects

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