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Learning Resources

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Learning Resources
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Introducing new software and processes can be challenging; our goal is to smooth the transition and help your team ease into new tools, and be productive and successful right away.
Live Training
Join us and attend free weekly, live, web-based Platform Training around specific topic areas. Your entire team is invited participate and to maximize the benefits of personalized training. And the last 15 minutes of the training are yours to ask questions about issues specific to your business.
Become familiar with the LongJump Platform and learn how to use the platform and understand core concepts and features:

Learning Plan for New Users

Browse these topics to learn more about the platform:

Advanced Learning Plan

If you are:

Advanced Topics

  • Data Import - Load contacts, accounts and other business data
  • Mass Operations - Modify or delete large batches of records, or reassign records to a new owner
  • Print Templates - Build customized templates to print records (for invoices, receipts, invitations and other paper communications)
  • Email messages and Template Variables - Personalize email communications to contacts or in marketing campaigns

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