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The Campaign Manager application uses Lists to create a targeted population for the Campaign effort.

While lists are useful for isolated efforts or small, manageable groups of Prospects, a more effective method to create campaign populations is with Views or Reports. Managing a List requires more time and attention to keep it up to date, while a View or Report can gather all Prospects that meet the targeted population criteria. This is especially important when providing CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing.


Create a List

Several methods are available to build Lists:

When you create a customer list, it is helpful to note the source of the information (Campaign Source). Tracking the source of your target customers will help you monitor the effectiveness of this source.

You can add additional target customers at any time.

Add Members to a List

If a list already exists, you can add individual customers to that list. However, if you wish to create a new list of customers, you will need to create that list before you add customers to it.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the List Details screen and click the Add New Record button associated with the List Members. The Add List Member screen will open.
  2. Enter the information as desired and click Save. The Add List screen will open.
  3. Enter the List Name and click Save. The member will be added to the list and you will return to the List Details screen.

Create a Customer List

  1. Select the Lists tab. The Lists object will open
  2. Click the Add List button. The Add List screen will open
  3. Enter the List Name and click the [Save] button

Once you click Save, the List Details screen will open. You are now ready to add prospective customers (called members) to the list.

Convert a List Member

Individual List Members can be converted to Accounts, Contacts or Prospects. When a List Member is converted, the record is deleted from the List.


To convert a List Member:

  1. From the Campaign Manager application, navigate to the Lists tab
  2. Highlight and select the desired list
  3. In the List Members section, navigate to the desired List Member and click the Details link to open the List Member record
  4. Click the [Convert] button, and complete the following information:
    Convert to
    Choose one of the following options:
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Prospects
    Conversion Criteria
    Choose one of the following options:
    • Create New - Converts the List Member to a new Account, Contact or Prospect
    • Merge - Merges the List Member information with the selected existing Account, Contact or Prospect
  5. Click the [Convert] button to continue
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