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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are Service Providers who work with ISV Partners to design custom application solutions. MSPs can support users in multiple tenancies. They can customize the user interface, support information, and manage branding for tenants, all in an environment hosted by the ISV.

MSPs typically:

  • MSPs partner with ISVs, who take on management of the Installable Version hosting environment.
  • MSPs can create, manage and delete Tenants
  • MSPs can Manage Tenant Capabilities
  • MSPs are considered Tenants of an ISV
  • MSPs can provide Customer Support to their Tenants
  • Alternatively, ISVs can provide Customer Support to their MSPs/Tenants
  • Although MSPs are responsible for adding and managing their own tenants, ISVs can act as support agents for MSPs via Customer Support Login, and can provide support for cases escalated from MSP
About MSP Tenants
  • There is no trial period for Tenants of an MSP
  • Tenants of an MSP are not attached to any monthly or yearly billing plans provided by the LongJump Platform
Features Enabled by Default for MSPs
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