Notes and Attachments

Notes and Attachments

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Notes and Attachments can be found in the Related Information section of a record. A history of notes and file attachments are displayed in this section.


About Notes and Attachments


The Administrative Permissions specified in the user's Access Profile determine whether a user can create Notes and Attachments, and whether they can view, update, or delete Notes and Attachments created by other team members. 

When a new object is created, there is an option to Track Notes and Attachments in Object Properties . If this option is selected, the Notes and Attachments action buttons are displayed in records associated with that object.

Learn more: Attachments Folder

Add Note

To add a note to a record:

  1. In the Related Information section, click [New Note]
  2. Enter the following information:
    Descriptive title for the note
    Enter the text of the note
  3. Optionally, choose a Visibility option
    • Default is Visible to Everyone
  4. Click [Save]
  • The note Title, Note Owner, and the current date appear in the Notes and Attachments section of that record

Send Note regarding the Current Task

To send a note regarding the current task:

  1. Open the task from the Tasks tab.
  2. Click the Send Note button.
  3. Under the Repeating Information section, click the Lookup button next to the Additional To field to select one or more email recipients for the new note. The note is automatically sent to the task owner as well.
  4. In the Note field, enter the text you want to appear as the note in email.
  5. Click the Send Note button. An email message containing the note text is sent to the designated recipients.

Add Attachment

To add an attachment to a record:

  1. Click on the tab whose records you want to access.
  2. Click on record name to open that record.
  3. Under Related Information, click on the New Attachment button.
  4. In the Add Attachment page, enter a Title for the attachment.
  5. Enter any text you want to include as a Description.
  6. Select No if you do not want the attachment to be Visible to Everyone.
  7. Under Select Attachment, enter the name of the document or click the Browse button to find and select the document you want to attach to this record.
  8. Click the Save button. The attachment title, owner (you), and the current date appear under Notes and Attachments in that record.
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