REST API:exec Resource

REST API:exec Resource

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REST API:exec Resource
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Provides the ability to execute a class method using the REST API.

  • A Class must be defined. (The exec resource invokes a method in the class.)
  • An instance of the class is created automatically, so the method need not be static.
  • Signatures:
    • The method must be public
    • The method can either take no arguments: public methodName()
    • Or it take arguments passed in a Map: public methodName(Map params)
      (Parameters passed in the Request are wrapped in a Map, and passed to the method.)
  • Return Types:
    • A method may return void.
    • If the return type is a Map, it can be used to return key-value pairs.
    • Otherwise the return value is automatically converted to a string using result.toString()
        ...optional list of parameter tags, like these:...

The output structure is the same, except that the key/value pairs are those returned by the class method, when the return value is a Map. When the return value is converted to a string, the response looks like this:
        <result>...result-string here...</result>
Known issue
Null return values are not handled at this time.
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