REST API:translationWorkbench Resource

REST API:translationWorkbench Resource

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REST API:translationWorkbench Resource
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Get translated strings using the REST API.

Learn more: REST API Conventions and Considerations.


Get a Translation for a Custom Label

  • {key} - The index value used to look up a translated string, in the form {category}.{token_id}
Query Parameters
  • args - A list of one or more arguments that will be interpolated into the string at the locations assigned to them when the base string was created.
For more information, see: Specifying Query Parameters in REST APIs
When the user's language is Spanish, this sample response comes in reply to the request:
        <translatedText>5 registros eliminados con éxito</translatedText>

See also: REST API:Error Codes


key String The ID of the translated element, in the form {category}.{token_id}. For example: validation.record_deleted
translatedText String The translation for the key, in the current user's language, with any arguments in the request interpolated into the string.
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