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Record Id
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Each record has a unique identifier, which is the key to accessing or updating data and moving records through workflows. Record Identifiers are typically not displayed in Views or Reports, however, some users (and developers, especially) find it useful to know the value of the Record Identifier. In APIs and Formula Expressions, Record Identifier can appear as: id, record_id, or recordId, depending on the tool.

The Record Identifier is contained in a field like any other, and can be displayed from a View or a Report.


Find Record Identifier from the Web Browser

  1. Open the object of interest
  2. Click the Wrench icon File:WrenchIcon.png and select Edit this View
  3. In the Fields tab, select the Record Identifier from the Available Fields list, and move it to the Selected Fields list
    • Each selected field becomes a column in the resulting view
  4. Save the view

Record Identifier and Lookup Actions

  • The Record Identifier of any field that is of type Lookup can be retrieved by using the get method of the Parameter class with 'Field Name' as the parameter
  • Record Identifier has a Range of: 1 - 2,147,483,647
  • In most Objects, the record identifier is formatted as an integer
In the following objects, the record identifier is formatted as a text string
  • Lookup actions require that the field is formatted as a text string
To convert Record Identifier to string format, use the CONCAT Formula Function:
CONCAT (id, '')

          id is a Record Identifier
          '' is two single quote (') characters

For Developers

Using the Developer Suite, Record Identifier can be requested from:

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