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Record Name
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When you create an Index on an object, it is possible to specify the object's Record Identifier (declared in Record Locators) as the index field.

When the Index you create is unqiue, that value becomes the "name" of the record. That name is then and it can used as part of a Record URL you specify.

For example:

  • If the Record Identifier for the Customer object is specified as customer_name
  • A unique Index is created on the Customer object, with Record Identifier chosen as the index field.


  • It becomes possible to use "http://.../record/Customer/ABC Co" to access a Customer record,
    as well as "http://.../record/Customer/12345".
  • When you click the Copy Short URL icon File:CopyShortURL.png in the GUI while displaying the record, the URL you are given to copy is "http://.../record/Customer/ABC Co".
  • Most Built-in or CRM objects have a name field, but no Record Identifier. For those objects, creating a unique index on the name field creates a Record Name that is used in URLs.
  • One exception is Contacts, which have neither a name name field nor a Record Identifier. For those objects, it is not possible to define a Record Name. They can be accessed using a Record ID only.
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