Record Owners

Record Owners

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Record Owners
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A Record Owner is a User who owns a record in an object. Records are assigned to an owner. The owner can be the person who created the record, or has been assigned ownership by another user who has permission to transfer ownership. For example, a team member or team manager might assign a task to a user. In that case, the task is a record, and the user has ownership.

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About "My Records"

In many areas of the platform, (Views, Reports and Filters, for example) a My Records option is displayed. Choosing My Records includes all records assigned to the User who is logged in (i.e., the records owned by that User). As record ownership is changed, the records displayed via the My Records filter will also change.

When a User creates a record, that User name is displayed in the Created By field, which cannot be changed.

Owner Fields Management

By default, the Record Owner field is displayed in the Basic Information section. Optionally, the Record Owner field can be moved to any section in the Form, or deleted from the layout.

Change Record Ownership

{Select Object} > {Select Record} > Owner field: [Change]

When ownership is transferred, the new Record Owner will own:

  • all open activities (tasks and events) for this resource that are assigned to the current owner
  • all notes and attachments for this resource that are assigned to the current owner
  • Completed activities will not be transferred.

About Owning Teams

Records are visible to Team Members in Views and Reports, based on their Role.


To allow users to view records they do not own, consider creating a Data Sharing Policy.

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