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Records are data rows in an Object. A record might contain account or contact information, a task or appointment, or other information vital to your work.

Records are always owned by a User who is part of a Team. Typically, each team is led by someone who has the ability to define how the team operates and can see what all the other team members are doing, via Roles.

Defining teams, roles, and users can be a cyclical process sometimes. You should be prepared to make adjustments as your teams' needs change.


Records in Objects

Open any record in the LongJump Platform, and find a data entry form, configured with fields, ready for data entry.

Typical actions available in records:

Record Owners

A Record Owner is a User who owns a record in an object. Records are assigned to an owner. The owner can be the person who created the record, or has been assigned ownership by another user who has permission to transfer ownership. For example, a team member or team manager might assign a task to a user. In that case, the task is a record, and the user has ownership.

Compare to: Record Creator


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About "My Records"

In many areas of the platform, (Views, Reports and Filters, for example) a My Records option is displayed. Choosing My Records includes all records assigned to the User who is logged in (i.e., the records owned by that User). As record ownership is changed, the records displayed via the My Records filter will also change.

When a User creates a record, that User name is displayed in the Created By field, which cannot be changed.

Owner Fields Management

By default, the Record Owner field is displayed in the Basic Information section. Optionally, the Record Owner field can be moved to any section in the Form, or deleted from the layout.

Change Record Ownership

{Select Object} > {Select Record} > Owner field: [Change]

When ownership is transferred, the new Record Owner will own:

  • all open activities (tasks and events) for this resource that are assigned to the current owner
  • all notes and attachments for this resource that are assigned to the current owner
  • Completed activities will not be transferred.

About Owning Teams

Records are visible to Team Members in Views and Reports, based on their Role.


To allow users to view records they do not own, consider creating a Data Sharing Policy.

New Record

To add a record to an object:

  1. Select the object (tab) of interest
  2. Click the [New Record] button to add a record
  3. Complete the fields under each section in the form
  4. Click [Save] to save the new record or the [Save & New] button to save the current record and create a new one

A detailed page for the new record opens, showing the information that was entered.

After a record is created, a number of basic actions can be performed on the record, including editing, cloning, printing, or deleting the record. A Related Information section is automatically created.


Tip: When entering multiple new records, you may want to complete just the required fields, and click the [Save & New] button to create the next record. The details can be completed by editing the records at a later time.

Clone a Record

Cloning provides the ability to duplicate records quickly and easily. This is a useful feature when entering multiple new records, and should be considered when most of the data fields contain the same information, and only one or two fields differ. Cloning improves efficiency of data entry.

To clone a record:

  1. From an open record in any object, click the [Clone] button
    A new, duplicate record is created - each field is automatically populated with the data from the original record.
  2. Change the contents of any field, as desired
  3. Click [Save]

Edit a Record

Once you have created a record, you can modify or update any of the information as necessary.

To edit a record:

  1. In the navigation pane, under the application Workspace, click the object that contains the record you want to edit. Learn more: Accessing Records
  2. Click the folder-link next to the record name
  3. Click the [Edit] button.
  4. Change whatever information is necessary in the record. Each record contains different types of information.
  5. Click [Save]

Print a Record

To print a Record
  1. Visit the Object Record.
  2. Click the [Print] button
    A dialog box opens with printing options.
  3. Choose your printing options:
    • Choose to format the record using a Print Form or a Print Template.
      (If you choose Print Template, and none exists, a button appears to let you create one on the spot.)
    • Choose Portrait or Landscape orientation for the printer
    • Choose to Open in a New Window or Save as Document
      The generated format depends on your choice and the type of template:
Save as Document Open in a New Window
JSP template PDF HTML
HTML template
Word template Word document
PowerPoint template PowerPoint file

Delete Record(s)


When data in a record is no longer needed, it can be deleted. Consider Mass Operations to delete multiple records (more records than is typically displayed on a page View).

Delete a Record

  1. In any application, click the tab containing the record you want to delete
  2. Select a record and open it
  3. Click the [Delete] button
The deleted record will be moved to the Recycle Bin

Delete Selected Records

To delete selected records:

  1. Click the checkbox for the records you want to transfer
  2. Click the More Actions button and choose Delete
  3. Review the list of records to be deleted; Optionally, modify the list with the Lookup or the Delete icons
  4. Click the [Delete] button, and confirm your action
The deleted records will be moved to the Recycle Bin

For large, batch update operations, see: Offline Processing for Batches of 2500 Records or More

Merge Records

Merging is a process that combines two records into one, to reduce duplication. Duplicate records can be merged for Prospects, Accounts, Contacts, and Custom Objects.

Note: The Merge page includes all fields that are available for the objects, not just those that are currently displayed in the current view.


In order to merge records, Users must have Update permission for the object in Access to Records Owned by Others Within the Team and Delete permission for the object in Record Access Permissions 

To merge records:

  1. Select an Object in your application Workspace.
    A tab opens that displays object records.
  2. Click the checkbox for the two records you want to merge
  3. Click the More Actions button
  4. Choose the [Merge] button
  5. For each field, choose the value you want to save.
  6. Click [Save].
    A single merged record is created.

What to do about "0" Values?

All of the defined fields are included as options records are merged. If a field is not included in the Form (but is still present in the Fields list), the field value will appear as 0 in the merge records page.

Send an Email Message from a Record

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