Relay Feed Settings for an Object

Relay Feed Settings for an Object

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Relay Feed Settings for an Object
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Designer > Objects > {object} > Relay Feed Settings


Note: This button is present only if Relay has been enabled for your organization.

When you enable Relay for an object, the platform initializes feeds for object records. Users can then add tags, post messages, and follow individual records. To do that, select Enable Relay for this Object.

Once enabled, a "Record updated" message is posted to the feed whenever the record changes. That post will be seen by:

  • Anyone following the record
  • Anyone who visits the record and examines its feed

You also have the option to set up automatically generated posts. You can generate posts automatically when:

  • A note or attachment is added to a record.
  • An activity is carried out that is related to a record.
  • Selected fields change. (The feed then carries additional information, in addition to the standard "record updated" message.)
  • Whenever a change occurs for a selected entity, a message is posted to the feed.
    (The message header contains a link to the record.)
  • Notes, attachments, and activities are enabled for all objects, but they are not always visible by default.
    (They are hidden or unhidden in the Related Information section of a record form.)
  • A post is generated for every record that changes.
    (But since you follow individual records, you only see them for records you are following.)
  • When a post is made for an activity, note, or attachment, the post always includes a link to the record the entry is related to, as well as the record that was added. (So when a Note is added to an Account, the post includes a link to the Account record, as well as the standard link to the Note.)
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