User Ontology

User Ontology

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User Ontology
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A user is anyone who engages with the LongJump Platform. There are many kinds of users:

  • ISV users - Who manage things for MSPs, tenants, and end users.
  • Developers - Who build and package applications, typically for an ISV.
  • MSP users - Who are manage things for tenants, and end users.
  • End users - Who use applications running on the platform.
    • Registered users - Who log in and have access to platform features, depending on their role
    • Public users - Who can access specified pages without logging in
  • Administrators - Who manage things so that other platform users can do their jobs.
    • Service Provider Admins - ISV admins and MSP admins who manage tenants
    • Installers - Install, monitor, and tune the platform
    • System Admins - Manage users, roles, applications, and other features of a tenancy.

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